Download the game Wings of Steel, to get realistic combat experience on your smartphone. The game takes less than 70 MB and gives an extensive experience. Combinations of beautiful graphics, real aircraft models and exciting gameplay like the fans of action battles. The game is free, so there are game purchases in it. How to do without them, whether it is necessary to use hacked Wings of Steel. We will try to answer all the questions in this article. A fighting game can bring even more fun together with the codes.

Wings of Steel mod

About the game

The developer of the game is the company Illusion Magic Studio. They are the creators of the popular Pocket Rally racing simulator. Since Wings of Steel is free, there are gaming purchases in it. Gold, money and energy will be needed to play without limits and expectations. Once in battle, you immediately understand in which direction you need to develop. Buying a new aircraft, updating weapons and improving it cost a lot of money. We recommend to use free Wings of Steel cheats.

A dangerous and at the same time fun game gives a unique and extensive experience. In addition to aircraft management skills, the gamer will have to learn the strategy of combat. Thanks to a simple management system, training does not take too much time. Excellent optimization made it possible to create a small game that most can launch on their mobile devices or tablets.

Wings of Steel cheat

Game process

Before entering the battle, you have to undergo a little training. Downloading Wings of Steel mod of a lot of money speeds up the process of acceleration and allows you to quickly unlock the paid functions of the game. The game is divided into dozens of missions, and first of all you will learn the controls. The first task is very important, to get the initial skills. On the screen is a compass, it will help to navigate in space.

Change the speed you can with the slider on the left of the screen, to the right is the fire button. Controlling the position of the aircraft is done using an accelerometer. It is important to note the smoothness of each movement, which allows you to effectively manage the aircraft. Optimized game Wings of Steel on Android is available for free download in order to do without purchases, you can use the following codes.

Wings of Steel codes

Graphics and sounds

It is important to note the quality of graphics, despite the small size of the application. 3D graphics gives realistic experience in the management of a second world warplane. A variety of models are available for purchase. In the process of passing you will be introduced to a variety of localities and models of technology. Wings of Steel cheat codes for gold and money give the opportunity to quickly test all the equipment, while taking advantage.

All the equipment in the game is based on real models. In addition to aircraft, you can observe ships and other equipment. Destroy the enemy’s moving equipment, or defend against an Allied attack. Also, you can try new hacked games Golf Hit and Boom Boom Football.

Wings of Steel free

A variety of missions, interesting levels will give a unique experience for fans of action games. Changing the time of day, changing the environment will allow you to receive a variety of experiences with unique opportunities. Teach to take off and land the aircraft, as well as get realistic combat experience.

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