The creators of the game Tank Stars, Flip the Gun and other entertaining games released an educational puzzle called Wizard’s Words. Because the game is free, subscription to bonuses, tips and diamonds is worth the money. This will allow you to quickly raise the level and develop your vocabulary. A lot of complex tasks and interesting tasks in the game, to pass them you will need an assistant. Hack Wizard’s Words is a great way to get extra money in the game.

About the game

The number of words that each person knows can not exceed several hundred. This is a very useful skill that will help to reach a new level. The company Playgendary decided to combine the two components. Now everyone can replenish their vocabulary in the game. Wizard’s Words for Android, this is a free puzzle. In it, you get a set of letters, at the end of the level should get the word.

Wizard’s Words hack

You can not pass the level if you do not know the word. But with tips, you can remember it, or learn new things. This is a useful skill, therefore, it will be interesting to play both adults and children. To gamers played on a regular basis, the developers added bonuses and boosters. With their help, you can receive and use tips and quickly improve your rank. Achievements can be shared in social networks and compete with friends.

Game process

A simple puzzle does not require special skills. Each level, these are scattered words across the field. Click on the letters in the correct order to get the word. Download Wizard’s Words mod has thousands of words in stock, and this is a great way to expand the knowledge bag. But it is not enough to know the word to pass the level. Each time in the head there are dozens of variants of words, but only one is suitable.

Wizard’s Words cheat

In order not to waste attempts in vain, fill up the vocabulary and pass the level. Since the game has quests and quests for each day, you can get additional bonuses. Because of the huge variety of words, you get new assignments every time. Passing the level is not always obtained the first time, but Wizard’s Words tips save a lot of time. Develop your skills, the game will make the brain work and get pleasure from it.

Graphic of the game

Like any puzzle, it does not require a beautiful graphics. But it is very bright with high detail and capabilities. Good animation and effects will allow you to enjoy the gameplay and enrich your vocabulary. The game has several options for subscriptions, Wizard’s Words cheat codes, it’s an opportunity to get one of the offered sets for free and unlock the new level.

Wizard’s Words codes

Since each attempt takes energy, the presence of prompts greatly simplifies the passage. Having diamonds you can buy additional items in the game and develop your skills. The game has a large number of levels, thousands of words and a unique experience for everyone. Therefore, you can compete with friends with your achievements and share them in social networks.

Wizard’s Words hack codes for Android and iOS:

• Monthly subscription – lQ_W75418y
• One year subscription – Xy_7f5456wI
• Disable ads – vi_kj5456Za
• 10 000 diamonds – sG_H9r75421
• Unlimited prompts – h3_8U56456L1j



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