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World Conqueror 3 is an exciting strategy that combines a huge number of wars and battles. It all started 500 years ago, and now you have to go through more than 40 battles for survival. In your hands there will also be commanders, generals and all the participants you would like to see on the battlefield. Those who always have a simulator in the first place, but also with a fun gameplay, just have to try to play BEST TRUCKER. USe hacked World Conqueror 3 for free cash.

Secrets and Tips:

The war will be on a large scale, so be patient and create your own unique strategy that no one can unravel. By capturing new territories you will be getting stronger and stronger. Your goal is to destroy the enemy by any means. These can be bombs, firearms or grenade launchers. You can use all that is in your arsenal.

World Conqueror 3 codes

It can also be bought and improved performance. But it will take a lot of resources. That you will choose where and against whom you fight, so that the battle can be prepared. Finally, now you can not worry about the resources. In addition, with World Conqueror 3 cheats for money and silver, all purchases will be free. Since the codes can be used many times.

Interesting facts and features about the game:

  • A huge number of wars, which differ from one another not only in scale, but also in combat.
  • At your disposal will be completely the entire map of the world.
  • A huge selection of weapons that are constantly updated and you can buy and improve.
    A lot of military equipment, which will also be available.
  • The ability to invite friends and fight in the same team.
  • Realistic graphics and simple controls will help you move into wartime.

Hacked World Conqueror 3 for Android and iOS, these are the maximum possibilities in the game that you could only dream of. All you need is the desire to become the best commander and win all the battles. Even you can download World Conqueror 3 mod apk for free. Personal information will be available only to you and you will not need to enter it into the game. Codes for money and silver can be used many times. It is not only free, but completely safe for all your devices that you use.

World Conqueror 3 cheat


World Conqueror 3 is a global strategy covering three periods of modern history. The player will be at the head of one of the 50 countries, will be engaged in manning the army and lead it into battle. By participating in one of three military campaigns, the user will become involved in large-scale battles and change the course of world history. This will help him all kinds of troops, tactical thinking. And the discovery of new technologies, allowing to make a qualitative leap in the creation of weapons and equipment. Which will be the decisive argument in hostilities.

World Conqueror 3 hack – immediately makes you the commander in chief, and puts under your control all the military forces of the country. And let them at first be weak and resemble more than the young jalousies, not the troops. You are the commander who can train them. Train them and turn them into a combat-ready army that the most powerful countries will be afraid of over time. Also, try new hacked Tennis Slam Global Duel Arena  for free.

Unlock all items and Cash for free:

For success to come, you will need helpers — generals and military advisers. You need to look for them among the best graduates of elite military academies. Generals are divided into different types of dependence on the type of troops and a set of personal qualities. There are 200 of them in total, and these are the best world commanders of the 20th century. Each of them is on the first level, and you still have to grow good commanders out of them, improving the level and pumping skills.

World Conqueror 3 mod

The hacked version of world conqueror 3 is 32 military companies that will allow to conquer the neighboring countries, to seize the whole continent, and then the world. Campaigns are arranged in chronological order and correspond to the historical events of the Second World War and the Cold War. Spend 150 military missions in which you must win. Unlock different types of medals and achievements.

Cheats World Conqueror 3 Hack for Android and iOS:

  • To get 500,000 money in the game, for free, you need a code – WC38uyfh
  • To get 450,000 silver, use cheat – WC3sbgd4

Mod a lot of money and medals will quickly make a career to their commanders, which means that your army will get combat-ready generals who will win you a war one after another. The strategy has three levels of difficulty. Choose the most comfortable for yourself in which you can easily defeat your enemies, earn all orders and medals, and get the highest military awards and achievements.


  1. So far I’m at HQ level 5, was able to win the game in 1939 using Romania by blitzkreiging the soviet union. Soo glad i found this site, this helped me a lot and its really effective. Recommed this!


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