World Conqueror 3 hack

Hacked World Conqueror 3 for Android & iOS will get a lot of money and medals for free. To manage the army of an entire country you need to have a lot of resources, only so you can take the leading position on the map. We will have to start with a small and weak army, but getting new medals and fame, new types of equipment, weapons and types of troops will open. Teach your army and command during the battle, you have to fight superpowers.


One of the most popular strategies on the mobile has many limitations. To build and develop the army you need to have a lot of fuel, metal, money. Cheats World Conqueror 3 medals play a key role, this is a premium currency with which you can replenish any other resource. In the gaming shop, selling sets worth up to hundreds of dollars, get them with the help of codes for free. To learn this method, follow the tips in the instructions.

To get as much money, medals as in the picture, you can enter the codes again. In order not to spend money in the empty, it is necessary to approach with mind the construction of the army. Hire only the best assistants, for selection are available close to 200 generals, who are famous for their achievements in military affairs. They are effective in different types of troops, this is the basis of the strategic framework. You need to collect the best generals and make the best use of their skills. Use mod apk World Conqueror 3, like in the game Block City Wars.

World Conqueror 3 cheat

Game World Conqueror 3 and its features:

  • In the game you can choose one of 50 countries and become the main general of her army;
  • 200 historical characters are available for selection;
  • Dozens of types of skills and hundreds of types of formations;
  • Maritime, ground troops and even nuclear weapons;
  • Opportunity to develop technology, the continuation of the Cold War;
  • Achievements and valuable awards;
  • Multiplayer mode where you will fight with other countries;

The plot of the game is built on historical events, even the chronology is preserved. A player can not only participate in historical battles, but also rewrite history. The Second World War, the Cold War and other military missions. Perform tasks to gain experience as a general and challenge real players. World Conqueror 3 a lot of money on the account will allow you to get a variety of types of medals. This is a pledge of quickly developing a career and raising the level.

Buy legendary heroes in the team to increase the chances of winning. Start with an easy level and develop a strategy, otherwise you will waste resources. It is very important to go through a career in order to squander resources in battles. You can choose any of the countries and follow to participate in its real battles. For selection are available such countries as Germany, the Soviet Union, Norway, Sweden and many others.

World Conqueror 3 codes

Game process:

To get a lot of money you do not have to download World Conqueror 3 mod. Codes can be used in both modes, career and multi-user mode. For this, you do not need to download suspicious files in the form of mod apk files, or get special rights to the device root, jailbreak. Following the advice, everyone can get a lot of money and create an invincible army.

World Conqueror 3 – global strategy, covering three periods of modern history. The player will lead one of 50 countries, will be engaged in manning the army and leading it into battles. Participating in one of three military campaigns, the user will participate in large-scale battles and change the course of world history. This will help him all types of troops, tactical thinking and the discovery of new technologies that allow to make a qualitative leap in the creation of weapons and equipment, which will be the decisive argument in military operations.

How to use cheats and mod apk:

World Conqueror 3 – immediately makes you commander in chief, and gives all the military forces of the country under your control. And at first they are weak and more like yellow-winged chicks, not troops, you are the commander who can train them, train and turn them into a battle-worthy army, which the most powerful countries will fear in time.

For success to come, you will need helpers – generals and military advisers. They need to be found among the best graduates of elite military academies. Generals are divided into different types of dependence on the kind of troops and a set of personal qualities. In total there are 200 of them, and these are the best world commanders of the 20th century. Each of them is on the first level. And you still have to grow good commanders from them, improving the level and pumping skills.

World Conqueror 3 mod

Secrets and Tips:

The hacked version of the world conqueror 3 is 32 military companies. That will conquer neighboring countries, capture the whole continent, and then the world. Campaigns are arranged in chronological order and meet the historical events of the Second World War and the Cold War. Spend 150 military missions, in which you must win. Discover different types of medals and achievements. Mod World Conqueror 3 a lot of money and medals will allow you to quickly make a career for your military commanders, which means that your army will receive battle-worthy generals who will win you wars one after another.

The strategy has three levels of complexity. Choose the most comfortable for yourself, in which you can easily defeat your enemies, earn all orders and medals, and get the highest military awards and achievements.

Hack World Conqueror 3 cheats:

  • 10000 Medals – GVQD-7ZKK
  • Marshal Pack 1 – DPI8-QN1Z
  • Marshall Package 3 – U4EW-4Z3C
  • Marshal Park 2 – CM9L-3EMH


  1. It is one of the greatest games ever, and i like it very much. Thanks for the codes, Soo glad i found this site, this helped me a lot and its really effective. Recommed this!

  2. It is my favorite game to play, right now I have HQ level 10 and have unlocked 1943 and 1950 conquests.

    Thanks for the codes, they’ll help me get officers I really want!


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