Worms 4 – a magnificent continuation of the battles of warlike worms for android. You, as before. Will use the command of warlike worms to fight with the same bold and stubborn fighters in the colorful locations of the game. To win you have to destroy all the worms of the opposing team and try to keep the health of at least one of their wards. Some tasks will have a slightly different character. You will need to pick up bonus boxes in time. The same game locations have become noticeably. More compact and this has increased the speed of the game process, and the fight itself can take only 2-3 minutes.

Since the power and strength of the weapons used by the worms has remained at the same level, then one worm with a grenade in hand can easily pose a threat to the whole team of the opponent. Since a precisely thrown grenade can easily demolish the floor of the card and send the entire team to the light. Even to take with them a couple of their fighters. Thus, the tactics in the game Worms 4 did not remain a trace. Now the outcome of the battle is more inclined in favor of the first attacker, and if he is a pro in this matter, another is rarely given a chance to take revenge.

Worms 4 cheat

Secrets and Tips:

The whole outcome of the fight is limited to a maximum of 4-5 moves, since during this time, even from the card, there is practically nothing left. You will not find a multiplayer here either, just a doubles match, but with a lot of rivals, alas, you will not be able to play. There is no tournament mode, which is also very distressing. Career mode is an incoherent set of missions, for which you accrue stars. For asterisks you can rotate the game drum every day and win valuable prizes. USe Hacked Worms 4 wihtout downloading mod apk.

The money you can spend in the inside of the game store to upgrade weapons or buy a bunch of fun and ridiculous accessories. 3D graphics in the game Worms 4 reincarnated worms in ringed monsters and nostalgia for the good old worms began to manifest itself more often. The game locations themselves look as always quite colorful and attractive. The soundtrack is at the same high level, and the sound special effects remained unchanged. The management is quite simple, with simple tails you indicate the direction of movement to your fighter, as well as the direction and strength of the subsequent attack. Well, lovers always win in the game have everything you need, since donat is just thriving here.

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