WWE Immortals – Fights without rules in all their splendor. This is a long-awaited application from the developer Warner Bros. International Enterprises. Put your heroes in the ring and challenge the opponents. In the hacked WWE Immortals you will find an excellent three-dimensional graphics with detailed details, adapted specifically for android devices. Battles are combined with special effects, you literally feel every blow. At the initial level, you are waiting for three characters.

From the first level, only one mode is available: combat with bots. From the fifth level you can continue to make a career, or go out into the big world and start fighting with the heroes of other real players. The career consists in the passage of 50 missions, in each of which your heroes are waiting for three battles. For each fight, you get game experience and money. Use our hack and download WWE Immortals mod apk for free. Naturally, in case of victory. They will be useful to you for buying new characters. They are in the game 25.

WWE Immortals codes

Secrets of the gme:

In PVP mode, there are three options for the game. This single match, show match, is in three fights, which are held one after another. The victory in such a match is highly awarded with gold. The last mode of the “main tournament” includes five fights. But no matter how attractive you are to tournament battles, if you want to advance in the ranking of players and pump out the energy necessary for fighting, do not ignore the daily tasks. Also, we recommend you to use free Cheats WWE Immortals for Android and iOS.

The game has its own prehistory. The magic lamp, abducted by evil forces, opened the doors to many worlds with strong fighters and called them to battle. The gameplay of the game is a hacked version of WWE Immortals with a cheat for a lot of money limited to punches, blocks and superstars, the latter being realized with a full line of adrenaline. Each hero has his own set of super-hits. Buy heroes, study their methods of fighting and become the leader of fights without rules!

WWE Immortals – a fighting game for Android devices, which brought together many famous fighters who own a variety of styles of combat. It was developed by the studio responsible for Injustice and Mortal Kombat, so you do not have to worry about the quality of the project. The game can boast of the presence of such wrestling stars as Duane “Rock” Johnson, John Cena, etc. It should be noted that each fighter is not just copied from his real prototype, but also endowed with supernatural powers and is dressed in a colorful suit.

WWE Immortals mod

How to use hack WWE Immortals:

At the exit, users have the opportunity to play for cool characters. The game process is not much different from the same Injustice. Battles occur between teams in which there are three heroes. Control is maximally adapted for touch screens. With a single tap, a simple blow is made, the svays give enhanced hits. Pressing two fingers at once blocks the opponent’s attacks. There is here and the scale of adrenaline, when filling which you can hold combo strikes.

The graphics in the game are not bad. But not the most outstanding. In some places you can see unattractive corners and insufficient detail. Optimization is also worth tightening. These shortcomings are compensated by the fun and dynamics of the battles. Chet codes WWE Immortals – a good fighting game. Able to lure fans of the genre thanks to an interesting gameplay and characters.

Since fighting is nothing more than a fighting game, it’s not necessary to talk about an exciting story. About the plot at the beginning of the gameplay informs only a small video, which tells the story of the existence of the all-powerful Black Lamp, an ancient artifact from another universe, which somehow got into our world by the will of fate. According to legend, with the help of this lamp, villains from the dark world managed to open the portal to other worlds.

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Cheat codes and mod WWE Immortals for free:

From where they called the most evil warriors of all history, with whom we now have to fight in a big and deadly battle. Actually, now the player is invited to fight against these dark warriors. In the introductory mission, you will be taught the basics of strikes, blocks and so-called super strikes. In general, the game hack WWE Immortals consists of a full 50 story missions, which will occur in seven different locations. Each separate mission consists of three fights that will occur between your team and the team of rivals.

In fact, if you manage to defeat them in three rounds, then it is considered that you are going through a mission, and also get gold and priceless experience. Also in WWE Immortals mod there is an energy system, without which the fighters simply can not fight. However, not everything is so bad. For each warrior, a personal energy of ten cells has been developed. Thus, you get the opportunity to take alternately heroes from several teams to fight those who have more energy at the moment.

WWE Immortals free

Hack WWE Immortals for Android and iOS:

  • Chest of Immortal Credits WWE Immortals for free – Jy-fh0qw9f
  • 35 Stamina – Qz-j092qwgf
  • Seth Rollins Gold Starter – Pm-kq09wg

Moreover, energy has the ability to recover. And if you are not interested in playing with the battle scenes – go to the real PVP. This is a special mode in which three different types of battles are available, namely: Single match, Show match and Main event with the highest awards. The player will be available 25 different characters, and if you want you can buy and new, only for this you will need to spend money on the purchase in the store. In general, the game is exciting, and if you are also a fan of mob attacks, WWE Immortals is created just for you! Below you can download the hacked WWE Immortals cheats in which there will be a lot of money.


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