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ZigZag – minimalist addictive puzzle game for android from the studio Ketchapp. It’s pretty simple you need to hold a rolling ball on a plane. The whole complexity of the game lies in the fact that this plane is constantly changing direction, wriggling, turning, sometimes in a continuous zigzag. Also, the passage of the game is complicated by the fact that the plane is not of constant width. In some places it is slightly larger than the diameter of the ball. You can download ZigZag mod apk for free.

After starting the game, you get to the main menu, in which the game kindly gives you the opportunity to disable advertising at your own expense. You can disable the Internet connection to disable advertising, but in this case, your gaming result will not be fixed in the world ranking of fans of this game. Also in the menu you can adjust the sound volume and help on the game. In addition, it displays the statistics of games played and your best score. We start the game, and your ball starts its way along the winding plane of a certain color. Use secrets and cheats ZigZag to get unlimited cash.

Secrets and Tips:

The colors of the plane vary from level to level. Your goal is to guide the ball in the appropriate direction with the help of the tips to the left and right of the plane. Along the way, you will come across rubies-crystals, which need to be picked up by rolling a ball on it. Each ruby ​​brings 2 points to your asset. With 50 points, you automatically go to the next level. In principle, the ZigZag game is endless, but only as long as your ball rolls along a plane. If you fall down and have to start all over again.

ZigZag mod

Falling off the plane, your result is displayed on the screen among the millionth rating of users of the application, which you can safely share with friends. Hacked ZigZag game will allow you to develop your eye and the reaction. It is distributed free of charge and does not require investments. And you can get rid of advertising simply by turning off the Internet. Management is reduced to a minimum, and the dynamic gameplay and peculiar sound effects made it necessary to download this game for more than a million users. Join and you!


ZigZag chet codes is an arcade puzzle game, where the main character has to go from point A to point B. The main hitch is that the character is a round ball with a rather wayward character, reminiscent of Kolobka. After launching, a zigzag road is presented to your attention, along which a wayward ball is to be played. The ball moves diagonally. In order for its trajectory to change, the player needs to guess the moment when to tap the screen.

Each second of the game brings you one point, the crystals scattered on the way add two points. Score game points, you can also install cheats. In this case, you can control only the movements of the ball, but not its speed. Due to the fact that the bun is rolling all the time, it is quite difficult to do this. The game does not provide a second and third chance. Therefore, if the ball fails, you will have to start the level again.

ZigZag cheat

Unlimited resources, unlock all for free:

Hacked version of the game Zigzag is the brainchild of Ketchapp, known to gamers for such mega-hits as Amazing Brick, Skyward, Amazing Ninja and many others. The application has all the characteristics of gaming products developed by this company. This is a great, but at the same time simple mechanics of the gameplay, minimalistic graphical execution, an increased level of difficulty passing. In addition, use other hacked games: Block Tank Wars 3Sling Smash for free.

From the first time with the games Ketchapp can not cope. Cavalry assault will not help. In order to overcome all levels, you will need to spend many hours on the game. That complexity and attracts players. Despite the graphic minimalism, the game has interesting special effects. A location may suddenly change color, highlights and shadows appear in it, and the areas covered by the balloon fly smoothly downwards. The game is free, but contains advertising.

Cheats ZigZag Hack, Android and iOS free:

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ZigZag – arcade with minimalist graphics for devices on the Android platform. Here it is necessary to control a ball that moves along a winding wall. The user is required to prevent the ball from falling into the abyss, for which all of its reflexes have to be applied. On the way, it is also worth collecting crystals that will help you score even more points. The game has simple controls, a pretty picture, addictive gameplay and a high score table where you can see your own achievements.


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