Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game – a colorful network strategy with RPG elements. In it you have to survive in the conditions of the invasion of zombies. A terrible virus escaped from a secret laboratory. And in a matter of days turned 90 percent of people into bloodthirsty zombies. Those who managed to avoid infection, get lost in groups. And with all their might try to survive amid the outbreak of chaos.

Taking control of the main character, and activating cheats Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game for a lot of money for purchases, you have to build a strong team of allies, and justify a reliable base. By building a camp, you can train recruits to useful qualities, produce resources, craft items and weapons, preparing to confront both living zombies and ordinary gangs of marauders.

Game process:

Learn a vast territory, look for supplies and equipment, make raids in the city, where you have to clean the streets of zombies. Pay special attention to finding other survivors who will help you in the fight. For example, Kane is a thug, masterfully wielding a huge ax and will be indispensable in close combat, and a well-placed archer Rosie will always cover your back with sniping archery. Try new free hacked games: Blackies and King of Crabs.

Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game cheat

Be thoroughly prepare for sallies to enemy territory, where you are expecting not only trophies. But also crowds of furious undead. Skillfully using the strengths of your allies, carry out swift sorties, and destroy the dead without pity and are tired. After defeating another squad of zombies or marauders, you can loot their lair, and replenish the equipment and stockpiles of weapons.

Weapons and exp:

In addition to fighting with zombies, the application will invite you to participate in battles and raids on the base of real gamers, where in the process of online confrontation you will earn bonuses, and increase your rating. The graphics are executed at the highest level and will please you with colorful locations and detailed rendering.

That’s only Gameloft is not new, to upset millions of fans they could not, and this means that the product is worth appreciating. With mechanics you will not have to get acquainted, t. A long-established idea was used here. The purchase is also very good, so hacked Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game for Android & iOS will save you a lot of time and money for purchases.

Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game codes

Secrets and Tips:

Under your leadership comes a small base, which requires development. The area around it is limited, at first it is necessary to place all objects correctly and then expand the space. Any building fulfills its important task and its improvement affects the base as a whole. Resources for upgrades are limited, and it is necessary to take them away from neighboring bases. This time, stupid zombies have changed and they are the ones who control the neighboring stations. When resource extraction is set up, you can fight against real people.

Human bases are also available in the game Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game, but to attack them is already more difficult. Go through the missions, fight on the global map and do everything to improve your station. The strategic component in the game is develop at a minimum. All attacks are approximately similar and the main role is playing by the strength of the army. Combine units with weapons, then hit the weak points of the enemy.

War and zombies:

First you need to break through the defense and then destroy all the objects in the territory. The adventure of destruction opens up additional skills. The graphics of the game is in a cartoon style. Everything is drawn qualitatively and there are no complaints about the design. The plot is not bad, the dialogues are supplementing with funny jokes. Passage does not start immediately annoying, as it happens in similar games.

Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game mod

The main features of the game Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game:

  • Competitions with other people and getting into the rating table;
  • Opportunity to unite with friends and destroy bosses together;
  • Preserved gameplay and use of the help of friends;
  • Decent graphics with good effects;
  • Proven and much familiar gameplay, improved in some aspects.

The game as a whole is not bad and people are interesting in it. The desired identity is not here, the developers wanted to just make a decent product and they did it. And to play for free and have more fun, use secret cheat codes for purchases.

Free Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game money:

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