Zombie Diary hack – an exciting arcade game, in which the main goal is to survive. Kill you will be a zombie. On the planet, the apocalypse and complete devastation. And now you have to destroy hundreds of dead people who captured our territory. After all, they walk around the city and kill those who survived. And only you can cleanse our planet from these creatures, fulfilling the role of a savior. You can try new cheats Zombie Diary for free.

First you need to choose a weapon. First in your store it will not be very much, but with each new level the arsenal will be updated. Also you can buy it for the money you earned. And they can only be earned by one way – to kill the dead. The more you destroy them, the more money on your game account will be. You can also improve your weapons, this also needs to be done for the resources that are in your store. If updates or purchases are very necessary, and the resources are not enough, then it’s time to use our Zombie Diary cheats for money and crystals. Even the most expensive purchases will be affordable, because you can enter the codes several times. And to all fans of exciting races, you can pay attention to Motorsport Manager Mobile. Also, you can download Zombie Diary mod, likwe in other games: Magic Rampage and NBA 2K18.

Zombie Diary mod

Important features of the game:

  • Very exciting gameplay.
  • Interesting cartoon graphics and easy management.
  • 4 cards, on which you need to destroy all the dead.
  • More than 24 types of weapons, which can constantly improve or buy new ones.
  • There are many skills that can be used during a battle.
  • You will be able to play 5 different roles.
  • Constant bonuses and rewards.
  • Many kinds of zombies with different strengths and characteristics.

Hacked Zombie Diary for Android and IOS, will give you a unique opportunity to get maximum improvements in the game in a matter of minutes. All that can only be improved or bought you can afford. Since the codes can be used more than once. It is important to know that they are all safe completely for all possible devices. A personal information to enter or spend your real money in the game, also do not need more. Those who have not yet used them or that do not work, there is a detailed instruction for use. For shure, you know about second part of this game: Zombie Diary 2.

Secrets and Tips:

Zombie Diary: Survival – an arcade in which the player will fight with hordes of zombies in various locations. After the worldwide apocalypse, only a handful of people did not turn into walking dead. She will have to clean the area of ​​the living dead. At each level, the user has to destroy a certain number of opponents. This must be done with the help of various firearms and knives. To buy new weapons is necessary for money, which are scattered around the locations. The game has a simple control, HD graphics and addictive gameplay.

Zombie Diary cheat

about the forces you can resist the hordes of zombies that surround you from all sides ?! When the world is almost destroyed only you will have the opportunity to become one of the few who managed to survive and now stands up to the crowds of zombies. But what can you do to save the world! Now all the land inhabited by hordes of evil and hungry monsters, and it would be good if only monsters but still there are many different bosses who crave your victim … cope?

Game process:

Zombie diary a hacked version with a mod infinite money, will allow you to get a strong Hero as soon as possible, with one of the coolest weapons, without worrying about the lack of finances! Although you and one, but with 24 different weapons, and many other bonuses, it will still be much easier to save this world. Zombie diary is one of the few truly addictive android games deserving the best score! Throughout, throughout the game you will need a quick enough reaction to have time to shoot trying to eat zombies. As you pass through it, new locations, weapons and their types will be opened. and Maud will help you, quickly buy and improve everything that diversifies survival by eliminating monotonous stripping of levels.

Zombie Diary codes

Zombies and bosses encountered throughout the game are diverse, so you do not have to miss, and hand-drawn graphics look pretty attractive, especially when you come across huge zombies. As in all games, bosses have their own loot, this is the opening of a new arsenal. This Zombie shooter is almost endless mash of walking corpses with elements of wild action. Thus the game came out very fun and funny, the main role in which the atmosphere and cartoon textures play. And finally, good luck to you – survivor!

Codes for Hack Zombie Diary for Android and iOS:

  • Get 400 000 money in the game, with cheat codes, free – ZD2wbhd4
  • Code for 40 000 crystals in the game – ZDw3tghe

How to use Zombie Diary cheats:

The use of codes is very simple. You do not need more download and configuration, as well as downloading mods. Only an interesting gameplay and no difficulties.



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