Zombie Frontier hack

Zombie Frontier – this is an action that just swarms with zombies. They do not want anything new from you, just gobble up. No one will help you except weapons. So it’s worth it to rely on your own strength. You will travel the vast world and at every step you will meet zombies. If you are an arcade fan with a funny storyline and simple control, then it’s time to play the TOKYO GHOUL. You can download Zombie Frontier mod apk for free and fast.

Secrets and Tips:

The game also has bosses who will wait for you at the end of each level. And with a new level it is getting stronger. You will need a powerful weapon to kill all enemies. Each of the bosses is much stronger than you, and to destroy it will require a huge number of cartridges. The game is just a mass of levels, passing through which you will come closer to your goal.

Zombie Frontier cheat

Passing by any buildings, you need to be very careful, because the danger waits on each path and you can not relax. It consists in the complete clearing of the zombies throughout the territory. On purchases, you will need a lot of resources or real money. But with our Zombie Frontier cheats for money and coins, you can not worry about anything. Also, try new hacked game Planet Bomber for free.


  • More than 200 different levels, which you need to go through in order.
  • The presence of 4 zones in which all battles for survival will take place.
  • You can earn more than 40 achievements and share them with your friends.
  • A huge selection of weapons, which can not only buy, but also improve.
  • Dreadful graphics and easy management.
  • A large number of enemies from which you can not wait for mercy.

Zombie Frontier codes

Hacked Zombie Frontier for Android and iOS, it’s easy. And in the end you will have a huge amount of coins and money for all possible purchases and improvements. Cheats can be entered many times, so do not be afraid that you run out of resources. You do not need to bother mods anymore. All you need is to see the details below on the site.

If you think that they can harm you, then it is not so. Our codes are completely safe for any of your devices. Even personal information is no longer needed to activate them. Try the game without limits and you will definitely like it.

Zombie Frontier mod


Zombie Frontier is an action game for zombies for Android. The world is rolling to the bottom, and all this is due to the spread of infection, which turns people into walking dead. The protagonist has to fight his way through the crowds of the undead in the city. In addition, the character must also protect his companions and collect useful resources along the way. There will always be a lot of zombies around, so gamers should make the most of all firearms to survive.

Zombie Frontier Hack Codes for Android and iOS:

  • Using the cheat you will get 400 000 coins in the game – ZFy67yru
  • For 70 000 money, use the code, free of charge – ZFnjr634


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