Free game Zombie Road Trip is an arcade toy that offers you to use different types of transport. You can escape from the overtaking crowd of zombies. But the player is expected not only to flee from the pursuit. But also the opportunity to give a rebel undead battle. Crush those zombies that are on your way. Destroy the traps and obstacles that they are trying to expose on your way. And try to survive in an unequal battle.

The hacked Zombie Road Trip for free brains offers five locations with unique landscapes that are chosen randomly, which means that each time the terrain will seem unexplored. And passing the toy even for the tenth time, you will not know what the hero is waiting for the next turn. In cheat codes Zombie Road Trip for tablets and phones based on Android there are other surprises.

Zombie Road Trip codes

Secrets and Tips:

This is an affordable arsenal of weapons and a car park. Initially, the game will provide you with a bunch of scrap metal, and even without a drop of gasoline, otherwise this vehicle and not call it. And all you can do is go to the first zombak. But using cheat for a lot of money you can quickly buy to your car parts, fill it with gasoline, and even install a gun or mortar on the turret to help fight off evil spirits. And if everything is summed up, the rules of the game are simple: run away and kill. It seems the task is not difficult. Can you do it? Then, go ahead!

In the game you will find:

  • 34 zombie-car, with the possibility of improvement;
  • 10 kinds of modern and not very weapons;
  • Realistic and dynamic destruction of zombies;
  • An additional game that allows you to win the game currency in roulette.

Zombie Road Trip free

Zombie Road Trip hack – arcade racing with side view, representing a mix of Hill Climb Racing and zombie-apocalypse games. Once again, the virus turned all people into zombies, the crowd of which pursues the protagonist, escaping from them on the car. In the beginning, the player will be available unpretentious car without the bells and whistles. His power will be enough to overcome a couple of starting levels.

Free Hack Zombie Road Trip:

Having received the first cash, the user must spend it on upgrading the machine and purchasing weapons. As the passage will be available more steep wheelbarrows and more powerful guns. Control is carried out by two buttons responsible for the slopes. Shooting is carried out by pressing on any part of the display. It is important to remember that behind the hero is a crowd of living dead, so several inaccurate movements can be fatal.

Also, you need to destroy zombies in advance, blocking the path, as they can significantly reduce the speed of movement. In addition, the game has a huge number of locations, as well as perfectly traced cars. Graphics are not bad, but monotonous, which is compensated by zubodrobitelnym gameplay and good sound. Cheats Zombie Road Trip – excellent racing arcade in the setting of a zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Road Trip mod


Welcome to the fascinating race for survival – Zombie Road Trip! Your task is to get behind the wheel of a powerful four-wheeled SUV and get away from the crowd of zombies! The game with its gameplay is a bit like Hill Climb Racing. You have the opportunity to modify your transport, as well as buy a new one, as in the game you are presented with 34 different vehicles!

You can also buy a variety of weapons to effectively kill zombies on your way! In the game you will certainly enjoy a large number of different locations on which you will be happy to spend time in the game. One of the features in the game is the random loading of the design in one or another location, thanks to this game becomes even more interesting and unique! You can also download the hacked version below and play with endless money.

How to download Zombie Road Trip mod for free:

Beautiful and effective destruction of zombies and their collision on your car brings a unique excitement in the game! And to all this the game has HD resolution due to which the picture in the game is very rich, contrasting juicy, it will always make you happy! For the convenience of the game you will be given a variety of controls such as a button or with the slopes of your device and every player in honesty and you can choose it to your taste and under the place where you will play!

Zombie Road Trip cheat

The main goal in the game is to earn zombie coins, with the help of them you can buy those very new cars, a new powerful weapon! And this you will rejoice in the game! Cheat codes Zombie Road Trip – a very exciting and fun colorful game and thanks to this will be interesting to a large number of the audience and it’s easy to grab you for long hours of spending time in the game!

Cheat codes Zombie Road Trip hack, for Andorid and iOS, free:

  • Dumpster full of brains for free- Dp-ht309g
  • Horse & Chicken Bundle! – Tw-gt09fs
  • Two Sider – Qb-gt39wf
  • Twin GunPt – 2dg98g


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