Zombie Strike, is an exciting role-playing game with zombies. Since this theme is very popular among gamers, many have released their version of the game and the living dead. You may know such games as DEAD WARFARE: Zombie, DEAD TARGET: Zombie games, Plants vs Zombies and others. The development team TOJOY GAME has released its version with these characters. And she quickly gained popularity. Hacked Zombie Strike will be needed for those players who want to play without limits with unlimited resources.

About the game

Mod Zombie Strike on Android has been available for a long time, users on iOS are pending. Since you can download the game for free, it contains game purchases. Zombie game has a number of features and advantages that entice new users. So, each player can assemble his own team of survivors and use it in battles. Fight zombies, earn money and unlock new heroes. Endless zombie attacks and battles with other players, this is training for your skills. Fight and get valuable rewards, resources and elixir.

Zombie Strike mod

Use cheats Zombie Strike. First of all, collect your first team and train to manage it. All survivors of a virus attack have special skills and abilities. You can use them in turn-based attacks. The winner is the one who will last longer in battle. Applying maximum damage will allow you to choose the right strategy for the fight. As the virus gets stronger each time, you need to increase the level of heroes in order to cope with the increasing danger.

Game process

Turn-based battles with a computer will give you pleasure. But only a battle with real players will give a real action. Zombie Strike mod a lot of money, this is the ability to quickly and automatically update the team. Meeting with the bosses, this is a test of your abilities. Also, it will open up new territories and opportunities for you. Collect the strongest team, unlock powerful and rare heroes with the help of cheat codes.

Zombie Strike codes

Since hundreds of different heroes are available in the game, knowing their skills will allow you to choose the right strategy to fight. Each hero has a weak and strong side, use skills to overcome obstacles and destroy a strong opponent. To speed up the process and get resources you can use the entry in the guild. Allied support is a great opportunity to cope with the increasing complexity of the game. Zombie Strike keys and crystals will give an advantage when passing.

Graphics and sounds

Thanks to new technologies, developers managed to create unique images of heroes. Highly detailed items, visual effects and a bright picture creates a unique atmosphere. With close to a million downloads worldwide, the game has an average rating of 4.7 on Google Play. It speaks of the exceptional quality of the creation of the game and the possibilities. Daily quests and quests only fuel interest in the game. Zombie Strike cheats, this is an opportunity to create a strong team without shopping.

Zombie Strike cheat

In general, it is a turn-based game, automatic battles, a unique battle experience. Thanks to a simple control system, even children can quickly understand the game. First of all, the game attracts a large variety of characters. It gives an unforgettable and unique experience. Zombie Strike codes for gold and crystals, this is a great opportunity to quickly expand the boundaries of the game and get an additional advantage. Since developers often update the game, add new heroes, with a lot of money you can first buy rare and valuable items. Also, you can download other hacked games Galaxy Strike 3DSpace Frontier 2 for free.

Cheat codes Zombie Strike Hack, Android and iOS:

  • 100,000 coins – VZZL-9EER
  • 10,000 diamonds – AQF2-M0SO
  • Disable advertising – H1R0-0Z9D



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