A new game from the Russian developer F-Game Studio, the creator of many automotive simulators. Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls game on mobile devices which refers to the action game. Running the game, you move into the post-apocalyptic world of zombies. Therefore, you have to be saved, for this you will need to get to the shelter. Hacked Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls, is the ability to use resources without restriction and unlock powerful cars and weapons. Let’s get acquainted with the game.

Save your girlfriend

The game has a non-trivial storyline, two friends Nastia and Anya decided to get together to the sanctuary. As zombies captured the streets, one of the girls was bitten by zombies. But there is a chance to save her, having reached the only shelter. Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls for Android are divided into many levels, which you will go through consistently. First of all you need to find a car and start the game with a low-powered buggy.

Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls cheat

In the process of passing you have to earn money and open new cars and weapons. In addition to this, you need to develop driving skills and avoid obstacles. So, in addition to zombies on the track can be found barrels of fuel, or other traps. Having rammed a barrel, you automatically die, but get a chance to try again. Thus, you have to pass dozens of interesting and exciting levels. There are many zombie games, for example Standoff 2. But this game will really surprise you.

Game process

First of all, the game introduces you to the story. Since saving a girlfriend does not tolerate waiting, you need to race as fast as possible. Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls mod has dozens of levels, which are divided into different sections. The consistent passage and leveling will allow you to reach the shelter and save Anya from a zombie bite. The epidemic is spreading too fast, there is no time to wait.

Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls codes

The game takes place in 2025, a dangerous toxin was sawn and humanity quickly became infected with the epidemic. Consequently, the government lost control over the cities and created a remote refuge. Because of the great danger and endless zombies, you can only be saved by car. Money Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls provide an opportunity to unlock and buy a fast and powerful car. In addition to this, between the levels you can improve the technique, install new parts and weapons.


Since the game has several levels of training, you will start the game with one gas button. Already at the next levels you can use nitrous oxide and weapons. Therefore, you need to master the control of the movements of the car and the skills of its management. Smooth passage of a large number of pits and elevations can save a lot of time. Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls cheats for money, this is an opportunity to unlock additional weapons, disable advertising and get a lot of money on the account.

Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls mod

Graphics and sounds

The game is worth your attention, since the developer has experience in creating racing games. In the game you will see a good 3D graphics with realistic effects and physics. Auto and zombies are drawn in the most detailed way, it allows you to entertain different types of monsters and use a variety of weapons. In addition to this, the game has pleasant sounds that will load you into a dangerous situation. Using the codes Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls can be for Android, iOS devices. For each platform, there is a separate instruction. Follow the tips to get a lot of money in the game.

Zombies, Cars and 2 Girls hack for Android and iOS:

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