How to enter hack cheat codes

Hacking games on Android, iOS using cheats and gift codes is the easiest and safest. To get a hacked version of the game, you do not need to download apk files, or mods. It is enough to have an installed game, gift codes and instructions.

Using codes, this is a free way to get additional features and a lot of money in the game. The site contains codes for the most popular games from Google Play, Apple Store. All codes on the site are encrypted for security purposes. As soon as they get into the public domain, the bots find them and they stop working.

To get instructions for hacking the game, follow the simple rules.

Stay on the site for more than 15 minutes
read at least 10 articles on the site
to confirm that you are not a bot

Important: on each page you need to stay longer than 1 minute to view counted.

Quick access: If you want to get premium access, share three articles of our site on any social network.

Why use codes?

Often players lose their achievements and want to quickly return past achievements. Using cheat codes is a great way to quickly get through the game.

If you can shop in the game, do it. This will allow developers to release new, more interesting games.