Unlock all site instructions

Despite the great popularity of promotional codes in 2018, many do not know how to use them. Because their input depends on the developer, and also the platform, under each article is a detailed instruction.

It is worth noting that all codes are encrypted. Once information is published in the public domain, developers change the codes, or block the sites that published them.

On www.modahack.com you can access any game in a couple of minutes, the instruction is here.

How to unblock all instructions on the site and get VIP access?

1. Leave a link to the forum, site, or blog. This can be a small comment on another site, forum, or blog. It should contain a link to any page of www.modahack.com and a small comment.

www.modahack.com2. Leave a comment on the site www.modahack.com under any game with the link on which you left a mention of our site.

how to use the codes3. You can also send a link to us at vip@www.modahack.com (with the link to the site where you can see the sending to our page).

4. Receive mail to the mail about creating an account to your e-mail. Get access to all the instructions, and also to additional games.

Still have questions? Contact us at info@www.modahack.com

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